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Singing Through the Static Part 6 [Dec. 20th, 2005|10:45 pm]
FMA Fan Fiction


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[music |Kill Hannah- Race the Dream]

Title: Singing Throught the Static Part 6 Awakened

Summary: While Leda and Roy deny their feelings for each other, a few strangers come to town to shake things up...

Disclaimer: Belongs to BONES...only Maverick, Lucas, and Kyra are original characters...

Rating: A bit of naughty language...PG13

Feedback: Let me know what you think girls...PLEASE!

So without further interruption I give you...


Roy sat behind his desk, idly organizing things. He barely noticed when Hawkeye entered his office.


"What is it?" He sounded angry. It wasn't Hawkeye, he was angry with himself for...

"Major Hughes to see you, Sir." She told him, concern etched on her face.

"Send him in." He said. Hawkeye soluted him, then turned on her heel and left. A moment later, Maes Hughes bounded into the room, a brilliant smile on his face.

"Hey, Roy!" He greeted.

"What is it, Hughes?" Roy demanded.

Hughes' smile faded. "Some news about the Elric brothers." He took a seat in front of Roy's desk.

Roy finally looked up. "Yeah?" He leaned back in his chair, waiting.

"Is something the matter, Roy?" Hughes asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Nothing, Major. Now what of the Elrics?"

Roy seemed distant and colder tha usual. There was definitely something wrong but Maes didn't want to push it. He was in the Investigations Department. He could figure it out. "They're on their way back to Central." He told Roy.

"Excellent." Roy said, swiveling in his chair. When Hughes stayed seated in front of him, Roy leaned forward again. "Was there something else, Major?" He asked.

"What happened last night, Roy?" Hughes wasn't going to play his game. Something was bothering him, and Hughes would find out what it was, no matter what he had to do.

"I don't know what you mean." He said, dimissing Hughes. "Now, I have a lot of work to finish up here before the Elrics arrive."

"Bullshit!" Hughes hissed. "I know you like being the 'manly man' and not discussing your issues, but how long have we been friends, Roy?" He demanded.

"Major, you're dismissed." Roy said more sternly.

"Fine." Maes stood up, glaring daggers at Roy. "Have it your way." With that, he left Roy's office, slamming the door behind him,

Roy put his head in his hands and sighed.


Leda figured if she went into town, she could avoid not only Roy, but also Cairo. She didn't have the patience to talk about what had happened just yet. It was all a little overwhelming.

She walked slowly down the streets, taking in everything. All the sights and scents and wonderful things this city had to offer.

She was surprised at the number of people who recognized her on the street. They would stop her, ask her how her writing was going. She would smile, answer politely, and continue on her way.

She didn't have a set destination, but she knew she wanted to get away from Central HQ. She needed to find somehthing to do that would clear her mind and make her forget the feel of Roy's lips on hers.

She sighed. It was not going to be easy. The memory was still too fresh. Her lips were still bruised. No, this would not be easy at all.

Suddenly, there was a commotion down the street. Leda strained to see but there was already a crowd of people gathering. She walked closer, standing on tiptoe, trying to see over the heads of the people in front of her.

She heard people in the crowd gasping. She shoved her way past a few people until she got a better look. At first she couldn't see what was so interesting; there was just a girl in the center of the crowd.

Then, as she looked on, she realized the girl was performing for the nice pedestrians. She looked up then, and Leda got a good look at the girl's face. She was young, maybe Cairo's age. The girl's eyes and hair were the same pale blue.

She smiled and prepared to do another trick. She poured some water out of a canteen onto the sidewalk. Next, she bent down and pressed her palms into the puddle. Before Leda realized what she was really doing, an ice sculpture, a swan to be exact, rose from the puddle of water.

The crowd cheered and clapped. The girl's smile grew.

"Thank you all, you're a great crowd, but I fear I must be going." She declared loudly. A few people grumbled but most just wandered off, continuing what they had origianlly been doing. The girl hung the canteen around her neck and started to walk down the sidewalk, away from Leda.

She rushed to catch up to the girl.

"Excuse me!" She shouted a little breathlessly. The girl stopped but didn't turn around. "I'm sorry to bother you," Leda began. "But I couldn't help but notice your alchemic skills." Leda said.

The girl did turn around then, a sly smirk on her face. "Yeah? What about them?" The girl asked, hands on hips.

"Well, specifically, I noticed that you don't use circles. I have a friend at Central who happens to be researching people like you." Leda explained.

"People like me?"

"Alchemists who don't use circles." Leda said

"Then shouldn't your friend be studying you?" She raised an eyebrow. Leda gave her a questioning stare. "You're the Static Alchemist, right?" The girl sounded a little exasperated.

"How'd you know that?" Leda was skeptical.

"I've seen you before. In East City." The girl said, taking a step closer to Leda.

"You're from East City? Then, what are you doing here?" Leda asked curiously.

"I never said I was from East City." The girl replied.

"Where are you from?" Leda encouraged.

"Everywhere." She whispered. "Listen, I'd love to continue this little chat, but I have things to do and crowds to please." She turned to leave.

"Wait!" Leda shouted after her. "What's your name? In case I want to get ahold of you?"

"Kyra." The girl answered without turning around.

"Just Kyra? What about your last name?" Leda insisted.

The girl didn't say anything else. She just sauntered away, laughing to herself.

Leda stared after the mysterious girl. She wondered why she'd never heard the name before, especially because the girl was so very talented.

Leda huffed and turned around, walking in the opposite direction Kyra had gone. As much as she hated the idea of facing Cairo and her questions again, she had to go back to Central. She had to know more about this ice-bending alchemist.

Surely, someone had heard of her before. You couldn't stay off the military's radar with power like that.


Cairo paced in front of the door. She was debating knocking. Maybe she should just burst in? Make her anger appearant?

She fought to muster the courage to storm in to Roy's office, but to no avail. The Colonel had a temper of his own and pissing him off might not be such a great carreer move for Cairo.

She finally rapped her knuckles against the wooden door and waited.

When there was no answer, she knocked harder.

"What is it?" Roy yelled from inside.

"Roy? It's Cairo." She yelled back.

"Come in." He sounded impatient.

Cairo opened the door and closed it soundly behind her. She strolled casually over the one of Roy's leather office chairs and threw herself into it, smiling all the while. "So," She bagan. "How's it going?"

Roy frowned. "I know you're not here for small talk. What is it you want?" He demanded.

"Fine, if that's that way you're going to be." She mock-gasped. "I'm here because of Leda." She said, folding her arms across her chest.

Roy put his fingertips together. "What about her?"

Cairo sighed. "Cut the shit, Roy. What's going on with you two?"

"I don't know what you mean." He sat back in his chair, a careful mask of ignorance on his face.

Cairo leaned forward as well, staring him down. "Look, Hughes may let you get away with this, Hell, even Hawkeye may let you have your tiffs, but I won't." She said between gritted teeth. "We're friends, and Leda, God, she's the sister I never had, and I demand to know what is going on with you. You had that girl so spun last night..." Cairo trailed off.

Roy didn't say anything, he just stared back at Cairo.

"You don't want to say anything? Whatever. But, let me tell you now, you better figure out what you're going to do about this." She sucked in a deep breath before continuing. "Because if you hurt Leda, Roy, I'm going to personally see that you never get the chance to hurt another woman again." She finished.

"Is that a threat?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"You know I don't play games." Cairo retorted.

"And what exactly was it you wanted me to do again?" He baited.

Cairo closed her eyes for a minute. "Grow up. Tell her how you feel."

"How I feel? Cairo, I think you've gotten too much sun today." He tilted his head to the side. "Maybe you should go to the doctor."

Cairo didn't say anything else. She simply shook her head and left. If Roy didn't want to admitt how he felt about Leda, then she couldn't force him, as much as she wanted to. She'd known him for two years and she'd never seen him look at another woman the way he looked at Leda. He needed to come to terms with himself before he could move forward with her, though. Cairo just hoped that he wouldn't be too late.


Leda strolled around the building, avoiding the wing where Roy's office was, and looking for Cairo. Her friend most likely knew someone here at Central who could help her identify the strange girl.

It was strangely silent, like the day she had first arrived. The only sound was the metal soles of her shoes connecting with the white tile floor.

That, and her heavy breathing. She dreaded the idea of coming face to face with Roy. It was just too soon. She was still playing the moment over and over in her mind. Roy leaning in, his lips parted slightly, and then his mouth crushing hers. No, seeing him would only make things harder.

Leda was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't even realize that Cairo was standing in front of her.

Cairo waved a hand in front of Leda's eyes. "Earth to Leda!""

Leda shook her head, forcing away all thoughts of Roy and his lips. "Cairo."

Cairo sighed. "Where have you been all morning?" She asked.

Leda didn't know quite how to respond. She didn't want to tell her friend that she had been avoiding her..."I just needed some time alone." She said, blowing out a deep breath.

Cairo nodded. "That's understandable." She assured her pal. "But where did you go? I've been searching for you everywhere."

"Oh, sorry, I went into town." Leda started. "And I met, well, not really met, but talked to the most interesting girl." She said, smiling.

"Who?" Cairo was intrigued.

"I've never seen her before, but she said that she's seen me. In East City." Leda shrugged. "She's so talented, Cairo, you wouldn't believe it."

"Talented how?" Cairo raised one perfectly waxed eyebrow.

"She's an alchemist, and..." Leda paused. "She doesn't need circles! I never knew there were so many of us." She exclaimed.

Cairo just stared at her.

"She also told me her name was Kyra." Leda informed her. "I thought you might know her...Or know of her."

Cairo thought for a moment. "The name sort of sounds familiar but I can't remember where I heard it..." Her brows furrowed in concentration.

"Could the library have something on her?" Leda was anxious to find out who this girl was and talk to her again. There was just something intriguing about her.

"Without a last name it could be a little hard, but we might come up with something." Cairo supposed.

"So are we hitting the books now?" Leda asked hopefully.

"Right after I grab something to drink. I'm parched." Cairo assured her. The duo headed to the mess hall, Leda practically skipping down the hallway. Finally, something to distract her! A project to keep her busy for hours!

Leda was the first through the swinging mess hall doors, but once inside, she froze. Cairo entered right behind her, her breath catching in her throat.

A group of people were in the middle of a discussion and one of those people was Roy.

Cairo saw Leda take a tiny step backwards. She did not want to be here, obviously.

Roy looked up when they entered. He was shocked for a moment to see Leda since he hadn't seen her all morning and knew she was avoiding him.

"Leda," Cairo began. "I can get a drink later. Let's go." She tugged on Leda's sleeve.

"Cairo!" Roy called across the room. "Don't run away just yet." He waved her closer. "You have to meet the famous Elrics."

Cairo gave Leda a sympathetic look before shuffeling toward Roy.

Leda stood frozen. How long was this torture going to take?

Roy waited until Cairo was standing next to him before he turned and smiled slightly at the two people standing in front of him.

Cairo had to look up to see the face of the first man Roy introduced. He was wearing a huge suit of armor.

"This is Alphonse."

"A pleasure to meet you." Cairo said, shaking the metal hand.

Roy turned to the second person. Cairo had to look down so see this one. The kid was short, had a long, blonde braid, and glowing amber eyes. "This is Edward, Al's older brother." Roy's smile grew a bit wider. "Or better known as the Fullmetal Alchemist."

Cairo looked puzzled. "Wait," She turned to look up at Roy. "He's the older brother? But, he's shorter than Alphonse." She looked around at the three of them.

"Who you callin' so short he needs a booster seat?!" Edward shouted.

Cairo just stared speechless at him. She hadn't said that.

Alphonse stepped forward and laid a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Brother, she didn't say that." He soothed.

Cairo hoped they hadn't gotten off on the wrong foot. This was the kid, actually they were the same age, that she was supposed to interview.

"Edward," Roy cleared his throat. "Behave." Edward slumped his shoulders and breathed deeply. "Now, Cairo, when did you want to conduct your interview?" Roy questioned.

Ed's head snapped up. "Interview?"

"Yes." Roy said simply. "Cairo is going to ask you a few questions about your alchemy." He informed Ed. He turned back to Cairo, raising a questioning brow.

"I'm not sure when. But, right now, I have a previous obligation to a friend." She huffed. "You remember Leda, right, Roy?" She fumed before walking away. She called back before she and Leda left the mess hall, "We'll be in the library."


Kyra slid silently along the South wall, cafeful not to attract any attention to herself. She shouldn't be here, at Central, but she had to see him. It had been so long and things between them were left unresolved.

A gentle wind lifted strands of her icy blue hair and sent it dancing.

Just one more chance to make things right, that's all she wanted. She just wanted him to hear her out and if he still denied that they were destined to be together, then she would leave. Forever.

She was about to round another corner of the building when she heard muffled voices.

It was the Static Alchemist and another female. They were talking about finding somebody; a girl, by the way they kept saying 'she'.

Kyra tried to listen harder but the two were headed away from her and soon their words were lost on the breeze.

She resumed her mission.

She knew he was here somewhere. In this building. All she had to do was find him and then she could take him away with her again.

Yes, she had to find Edward.